Mick Doohan: The Mastery of the Australian Champion

Mick Doohan, Australian champion, won five consecutive world titles in the 90s, standing out for his resilience and revolutionizing preparation in motorcycling. Although an injury in 1999 marked the end of his career, his legacy lives on as a symbol of greatness in the sport.

Ángel Nieto: The Legend of the Two Wheels

Ángel Nieto, the "12+1", a motorcycling legend with 13 world titles, left an indelible mark since the 1960s. Although his retirement and death in 2017 marked his physical end, his influence endures as an icon in the history of motorcycling. .

Michael Schumacher: The Return of the Champion

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher made a notable comeback with Mercedes after retiring in 2006. Although his influence on the team was notable, a skiing accident in 2013 created uncertainty over his health, adding a poignant nuance to his legacy in motorsport.