The Alcatraz Prison Experiments

In 1940, Alcatraz hosted "Operation Phoenix", a super soldier project. Prisoner 1313, Robert McAllister, suffered serious side effects. Journalist Evelyn Carter exposed the project, highlighting ethical risks and government opacity.

The Disappearance of Flight MH370

In 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared over the South China Sea and was found a year later in the Indian Ocean. Inconclusive theories about its disappearance caused changes in aviation safety, highlighting the technological fragility in this aeronautical mystery.

The Mystery of the X-Files

"The X-Files Mystery" explores UFOs, conspiracies and cover-ups from the 1940s to government recognition in 2017. From Roswell to the "X-Files" series to Area 51, it leaves audiences with more questions than answers about the unknown. .